A growing organization with growing needs calls for a high demand of data driven reports that could help HR business partners in  decision making. In this digital age, every company should not lag behind in providing robust HR information and analysis to the business. It shapes the destiny of the company and transforms human resources and its talent pool.

But the question is, are the novice HR practitioners ready for this demanding challenge, of maintaining and updating personnel information, absenteeism reports and be able to interpret it? How would you be able to deal when asked with a data that comes with gleaming graphs and statistics but you have to scour the answers from different folders and sources? How would you streamline your data with less errors and delivered it on time? There are the common questions faced by first time practitioners. There is no nerdy and geek way of solving it, you have to embrace the nitty-gritty of several database reports that can predict trends and probabilities of the organization.

For first timers like me, I learned the hard way. I had several moments of scratching my head and ponder on if I am really in the right place at the right time. Time is essential. I have to deal with it. Enough of philosophizing or daydreaming on your next vacation when you’re faced with scales and percentage. It’s time to get on and to roll up sleeves and open your mind for  some ways how to get things done easily and accurately. This is how I come to hate and love Excel with its robust functionality and that if you’re lucky to discover, then life would be much easier.

My experience taught me to become resourceful and learn the ropes from your seasoned mentors. In that way I have the slightest idea how is this going to be presented. But first, stick with  the basics: what the business wants, ask why they want it and how does it affect your work as a business partner.  If I have all the answers, even if my guts my tell me that it’s difficult,then toil and rig the data.  I always start from the basic first. Simple but tells you the signs.  If I did it correctly, then I progress to the bigger picture, and that’s how my 8 hour job continues – satisfying and preparing for more what ifs.

The HR tasks has more rooms of improvement where ideas are constantly being harnessed and fueled to this type of profession. You get to learn more as you move along with the profession. My few months has been a roller coaster ride. Busy but less stressful. It’s up to  you to enjoy the ride or leave it all behind in wondering in your cloud thoughts.



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