4 Tips To Positive Mindset for Start-up Entrepreneurs

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Success in any endeavor is not a walk in the park or an overnight overhaul; it is a continuous and arduous journey. Behind every success are the stories of ups and downs, triumphs and rejection. Becoming an entrepreneur has no shortcuts, or more of lip service with great ideas. If it is, then anyone can become entrepreneurs. It takes a character and a person ready for the sacrifices to literally roll up the sleeves and start getting dirt. The road to get there means getting beaten while it molds your character and strengthens relationship.

This is the start-up in you.

Then start cultivating a right mindset. A mindset designed for success and positivism. No individual can succeed without the right mindset. Everything starts from great ideas but the mindset can either break or make you.

Nurturing the correct mindset is difficult but learning these powerful ideas one step at a time will lead you to places, not only in business but in your personal life and relationship with others.

Tip 1: Fight the “What’s Hot” Disease

With every new and start up entrepreneurs they have ideas and opportunities but what’s destroying them and robbing them off of their great potentials because of the “what’s hot” disease. This kind of disease is infectious especially if no one will remind them of what they are capable of and what have they started in the first place.

There are lots of ideas, untested and the hype it brings can sometimes misleading and catastrophic in the end. These types of people don’t seem to care about calculated risks, about the weakness they might fall into if they will invest on these products.  Hopping from one trend to another is not helping them grow what they really good at but instead it confuses and depresses because that fleeting trend or idea is short term.

If you want to grow your potential business, alter or change your mind set. Keep it simple. Focus on one potential idea and strengthen it. Learn through it until you will attain that success that fulfills your desires and aspirations. Having the self awareness on what you really like to do is conscientiously lighter than being told by your family or your friends because it is what everyone is doing. Stand up to what you feel and what you do best.

Tip 2: Focus on your vision and goals

A business is like a playing field, it sparks with ideas and game plans, but creating a solid vision and goals to direct the course of action with sets of actionable items to begin with is important. You have to have direct goals in mind, what you should aim for, how you see your business to grow in the next 1-2 years. Do you see potential risks and how will you respond to that. How about your competitors, what sets you apart in the market?

Having a vision in mind and trust in everything that you do, then there’s no doubt that the business cannot reap the rewards of its success.

Tip 3: Surround with Positive People

Our business is our brainchild, a mirror of our own being because it manifests who we are as a leader. However, when being a hands on to our business we tend to shy away the people who also care about us and our business. They also have some ideas to share but we slap away what could have been a good contribution to our success. Don’t feel like you own everything as you will become tired handling the nitty-gritty of the operations. You need like minded people with the same vision you have and that is to steer the business to success.

The right people may be just near us, who you are hanging with who also, share the same passion and views you have.

Tip 4: Learn, learn, learn

To have a mindset that yearns for learning opportunities yield positive effects in the business.  Innovations spring from curiosity and to feed this gnawing desire for more is to learn techniques, innovations and learning the ups and downs from the people we look up to in the industry. Be like a student who thirst for learning and the world is a vast room for opportunities and possibilities

Every people we meet, their suggestions, feedback and criticisms are blessing in disguise as they balance on how we improve our services and products to meet the growing demands in the industry.

Every experience, negative or positive is a learning opportunity we need to take credit for. It’s there to shake us up or remind us of our wrong doings. Our capacity to be adaptable for change is what sets great entrepreneurs because they see potential in every success and failures.

Source:  https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/277072




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