BT joins Mangrove Planting in Inoburan, Naga


Beating the early morning grogginess is no easy feat for the 39 Bombardier employees who volunteered in this year’s CSR Mangrove Planting last August 15, 2015. In collaboration with the Philippine National Police Radio Auxilliary Group RECON CLARE, Bombardier was able to a plant a total of ,1026 mangrove seedlings in the coastal community of Inoburan, Naga Cebu.

The activity started at 8:30 in the morning and kicked off with a short briefing on the proper way of planting the mangrove seedlings.  The employees together with Gen. Manager Gottfried Schleich armed with a bamboo splint, bolos, hats and with one sack of mangrove seedlings ready to find its roots in the ecosystem. Nature has its own way of surprises, as they were welcomed with a rising tide, the planting activity turned out to be a lot of fun while bracing through the waters.

While rapid urbanization and economic growth have been known to be the factors for the depletion of biodiversity, as a way of giving back to the community, the CSR activity aims to sustain the thriving mangrove flora and fauna in the shores of Inoburan, Naga.  The city of Naga is known locally as the home of big power plants,  coal and cement companies of Cebu and with its growing industrialization, mangroves should be well protected and conserved. According to WWF Global,  mangrove forests are extremely productive ecosystems that provide numerous goods and services both to the marine environment and people.

Article is published in company’s intranet website. Created as a sample project only for writing collaborations. Email me for questions and clarifications

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